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apollo59 :: created by dmcq

We are very happy to confirm the successful publication of apollo59 (produced by dmcq) in the awesome DJSHOP(.DE)

Most of apollo59’s tracks are solo compositions with a few invited collaborators and samples collated from his world wide travels. The sound of apollo59 mostly ambient and cinematic soundscapes incorporated with free flow electronics, various guitar electronics and many mind teasing environmental sound samples.

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In the player below you can stream track snippets from maxis and albums “Botanicus Experimus“, “Yumani Mouassine” and “APE” by apollo59

Video :: Joining the Lotus Eaters

Video :: Joining the Lotus Eaters

Video :: Joining the Lotus Eaters

Edited and compiled by Marie Craven. Joining the Lotus Eaters is based on original poetry written by Laura M Kaminski. The voice is Nic Sebastian’s. The music is a snippet from an anunusualleopard recording. Writing, voice and images sourced from the Poetry Storehouse, Flickr and Deviant Art (Creative Commons licensed).

Read the article "Videopoems with Laura M Kaminski" for detailed notes on the making of this and other videos from poetry by M.Kaminski.


About this video

For more info and other video creations on Vimeo by Marie just click here

Video :: Sometimes the Water (Poetry, music, images)

Video :: Sometimes the Water

Video :: Sometimes the Water

Is an art and poetry video created by Marie Craven, a multimedia artist, singer and composer. Sometimes the Water consists of poetry, music and images selected from various artists, and then edited by Marie into the awesome multimedia video collage called “Sometimes the Water”.


About this video

Receiver by Anunusualleopard! Maxi front cover art by dmcq

Receiver on iTunes!

iTunes :: Receiver

Existfour Music is proud to confirm the current release in iTunes music store of Receiver by anunusualleopard.

Since all music released in Apple iTunes Music Store is published on its own page for each country, the country list here below includes +100 links to Anunusualleopard’s Receiver on iTunes. That’s so cool 😎

Track list

  1. 06:36 Receiver
  2. 04:48 Irrefutable
  3. 09:56 Raw Pentango
  4. 06:53 Comic Book Concept
  5. 11:33 Flying Cats


  • dmcq (apollo 59) – No input mixing desk, Reason & FX
  • QPA (LUA/NCP) – Synths, FX & electronic rhythms
  • Marty Snape ( – Bass guitar

Maxi Info

  • Band name: anunusualleopard
  • EP name: Receiver
  • Duration: 39:50 min
  • Mastering and post production: QPA
  • Cover art: Painting by dmcq
  • Label: eXistfour Music
  • Copyright: 2015 © All Rights Reserved
APE by apollo59. Ambient journey.

APE on iTunes! Listed by country

iTunes :: APE

We are very happy to confirm the successful publication of APE by apollo59 in iTunes music store. All music releases on Apple iTunes are published on individual pages for each country. In the list below are over 100 links to APE on iTunes.

Track list

  1. 26:21 Ape – part 1
  2. 21:36 Ape – part 2
  3. 08:15 Ape – part 3


  • Album Name: APE
  • Collaboration: apollo59
  • Guitars, synthesizer, samples: dmcq
  • Programming: Marty Snape
  • Duration: 56:10 min
  • Tracks: 3
  • Style: Ambient, soundscapes, Soundtrack / Movie, experimental
  • Copyright: All Rights Reserved
  • Recorded: Liverpool august 2011
  • Mastering: dmcq
  • Cover art: dmcq
  • Label: eXistfour music
  • upc/ean: 04251177502996
[Thumb] Botanicus Experimus Wallpaper. Free Download.


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Ape :: wallpaper
Yumani Mouassine

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