Download Stores (with our music)

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Download Stores retailing eXistfour’s artists

The list below contains a few selected online download stores where Existfour Music Label artists are represented. Links go to our label or artist profile in each store. When visiting them you will find that some of the stores retail eXistfour’s releases for quite different prices, offering bundle discounts and more.




Audio Formats

As you can see most stores carter the popular mp3 320kbps audio format. Only a few stores sell our music in a lossless audio format like FLAC or WAV. Check out our own store, Existfour Music Download Store, where all releases come in both mp3 320kbps and lossless FLAC audio quality (both included / one price).


You can compare many of the major music download stores and their capabilities, supported devices and audio formats on this page (Wikipedia)