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APE by apollo59

Music by apollo59. APE is almost a full hour journey through deep ambiance and lucid soundscapes that frequently travels into more energetic realms. Enjoy dmcq's raw analog organically melodic electric guitar sounds merged with digitally enhanced atmospheres. APE was produced from recordings made in Liverpool, UK 2011, by dmcq (synths, guitars and various digital sound effects) in collaboration with Marty Snape (sound design and programming)

Track List

  • 1. 26:21 Ape - part 1
  • 2. 21:36 Ape - part 2
  • 3. 08:15 Ape - part 3

Album Data

  • Album Name: APE
  • Collaboration: apollo59
  • Guitars, synthesizer, samples: dmcq
  • Programming: Marty Snape
  • Duration: 56:10 min
  • Tracks: 3
  • Style: Ambient, soundscapes, Soundtrack / Movie, experimental
  • Copyright: All Rights Reserved
  • Recorded: Liverpool august 2011
  • Mastering: dmcq
  • Cover art: dmcq
  • Label: eXistfour Music


Artist / Producer
Name apollo59
Brief Biography apollo59 is fluid, emotional, at times all ambient music, without distinctive percussion, guiding the listener into various powerful soundscapes. apollo59 is produced by dmcq, composer, guitarist, synthesizers and digital electronic effects. Most of the tracks are solo compositions with a few invited collaborators and samples collated from his varied travels.
Download Specifications
Audioformat FLAC & MP3
Archives 2 ZIP archives whereof each contains 3 audio files, info.txt and artwork
File Size(s) FLAC 142 MB / MP3 113 MB

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apollo59 :: APE

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