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Believer Album Cover

Believer by Anunusualleopard

Believer was performed and recorded by dmcq, Marty Snape and QPA, grabbed from some very particular moments of absolute musical presence. Anunusualleopard offers on Believer downbeat tracks with low pitch bass licks, sequenced electronic break-beats, mind boggling odd voice snippets sub-orchestrated by the distinguish drone like, otherworldly and almost alive "no-input-mixing-desk" feedback tweaks

Track List

  • 1. 07:55 - Desert light deep
  • 2. 07:56 - Believer
  • 3. 09:19 - Regurgitation
  • 4. 07:28 - Could be Now

Album Data

  • Name: Believer
  • Collab: anunusualleopard
  • No Input Mix Desk dmcq
  • Synths & Programming QPA
  • Style: Downbeat, chill, experimental = mental experience
  • Length: 32:38 min
  • Tracks: 4
  • Label: NCP Records
  • Copyright:(c) All Right Reserved
  • Recorded: Alozaina, Malaga, Spain
  • Mastering & Post-production: QPA
  • Cover Art: "road to tegel" by dmcq (www.dmcq.es)

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Artist / Producer
Name Anunusualleopard
Brief Biography Recordings derived from live group improvisations with dmcq and qpa. There were no pre-rehearsals whatsoever. The "no input" mixing desk concept was first seriously explored by electronic music pioneers in Japan like Toshimaru Nakamura, who, among others, inspired dmcq to further develop his unique sounds.
Download Specifications
Audioformat FLAC & MP3
Archives 2 ZIP archives whereof each contains 4 audio files, info.txt and artwork + 1 Artwork ZIP file
File Size(s) FLAC 201 MB / MP3 75 MB

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Anunusualleopard :: Believer

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